Diana Debrito aka IAMDDB has a fierce mix of hip-hop, trap and jazz that have the critics buzzing…


This Manchester based rapper/singer is carving her own niche path. Drawing on her Portuguese and Angolan heritage with a very British voice, she’s definitely knocking on all the right doors!

Beats 1 host Julie Adenuga has described her as “the most exciting artist to watch” in 2018. She came third in the BBC’s Sound of 2018 list. With her fierce blend of soulful hip hop, expressive trap and swirling urban jazz, it’s not hard to see why.

IAMDDB’s Angolan father was a musician, which might explain why she’s been writing songs since she was seven. She went to Angola for several months and became heavily involved in the local jazz scene there. She returned to the UK more refreshed and passionate to make her music work here.

IAMDDB’s forthcoming tour – four concept shows in collaboration with Red Bull Music, and named Flightmode Live after her forthcoming mixtape, has sold out.

“Flightmode Vol 4”, the 4th installment of her EP series has blown…everyone…away. Her confidence is shining through the roof, and she has shown the critics that she’s not only talented in one field, but diverse as well.  Her hit anthem is an equal part turn up, part reflective soul track, combining an upbeat hip hop melody with an underlying tone of alternative pop. With her number one single “Shade” from this EP,  she has totaled 14 million views on YouTube, which are still growing today. To quote Noisey “IAMDDB is making something deeper than the rest of you”

Her mixtape before that “2017’s Hoodrich Vol 3”, conveyed an artist at ease with a deeply expressive emotion. This was the third instalment of her EP series and as expected, it’s absolute fire. The project opens with “Conjouring”, a trap anthem for the ages that will have you moshing with the mandem. The rest of the tape follows a similar trap, but soul and jazz rhythm. Dealing with everything from lovers and haters to her aims for music, the 0161 trap princess has delivered one of the finest sets so far this year.

“We all go through intense feelings and experiences and shit,” she said in a recent interview with Crack magazine, “and if my music can help somebody get through something, then my job’s done. I’m just a vessel to make people feel better.”

Her upcoming tours are Wilderness Festival 2018 early this August and Reading Festival later in the month. She due to rock the audience with hit singles like “Shade”, “Drippy”, “Pause”, “More” and many, many more. She caters to all audiences with her diversity, she can target anyone from the hardcore ravers to the slowed down and chill audiences.

A message to all the fans that are going…stretch your legs and bring plenty of water cause she’s going to take you on an adventure.