The long awaited release of British phenomenon Santan Dave’s new album ‘We’re All In This Alone Together’ features the lead single ‘Clash’ featuring Stormzy. Excitement arose in fans after Dave posted a picture of himself and Stormzy on his Instagram with the caption ‘July 9th’.

The track opens up with flex after flex, both rappers showcasing their materialistic successes and overall wealth. The South London star created a powerful presence in the music industry with his YouTube debut Black Box, as well as his Fire In The Booth hit (Collins, 2016). His stairway to stardom began with his clever rhymes relaying the raw and real struggles of growing up in the South of London, and the rapper’s life struggles at such a young age.

His last album Psychodrama stirred up real drama in the music industry, with it becoming the second album worldwide to win both the Mercury Prize and the Brit Award for album of the year (Savage, 2020). All this has led to the anticipated release of ‘Clash’ with Stormzy. The artist growth of both rappers is clear to see, with this new release showcasing the success that has come from their rise in the music industry. The track has already amassed almost 18 million streams on Spotify and just over 9 million on YouTube since its release less than a month ago, with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans on his YouTube music video and with many articles referencing the political standpoint of both rappers, taking creative jabs at Piers Morgan and referencing former labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (Petridis, 2021). ‘Clash’ is available to stream on all platforms now!