D Smoke is a 36 year old American artist born and raised in Inglewood California.  D Smoke made his appearance on the Rap battle show Rhythm and Flow in 2019. It’s been just over a year since he released his Single ‘Black habits 1’. He is a multi-talented bilingual artist who uses his gift to address cultural issues and self – empowerment.  

This track represents cultural appreciation for your heritage and not being afraid to represent your roots.  This dynamic rap resonates a mix of strong quick flow paired with a slowed down melody to feel like a mantra so inspired and elevated by the authenticity of lyrics. For example, “life isn’t black and white it’s a canvas”. The symbolism shows your ideas/personality should never be held back it should be expressed.

The music video is immersed in history and energy from the dancing and the soulfulness like a gospel choir from the smooth harmony.  

Check it out for yourself on Spotify here.