Coventry 2018 – Savanna’s Diary

Wednesday 19th September 2018


We started off the day with heading to Euston station at around 8:30am to catch our train up to Coventry, unfortunately there were some delay’s so we had to wait for about 20 minutes. Once we got to Coventry, Niki and Nat headed straight to their first meeting and the rest of us went to our office space in FarGo Village which was kindly hired out to us by Backhaus and Co.

We settled down and got ourselves prepared for the busy day ahead of us (aka getting onto the WIFI).

The rest of the team then went off to their meetings with BBC Coventry and Sorelle Clements at Central Library. I then had a meeting with Fiona Venables who is the deputy curator at The Mead Gallery, which is currently under redevelopment, it was really interesting hearing about the previous and upcoming projects that she’s worked on.

Later that evening we went to Bayley Lane for dinner and drinks, which is right next to the beautiful Coventry Cathedral Ruins – we all had a well-deserved cocktail!

Overall, it was a great day and lovely to meet a variety of different people from different arts organisations… Keep an eye out on our socials because we have a lot of content coming soon!