Coachella; bigger and better?

coachella-2015-lineup-predictionsThere’s no doubt about it, America try to do just about EVERYTHING bigger and better than the UK and it sure does work in some cases (cough cough have you seen the side of their mcds meals). But when it comes to festivals, that’s one thing we have on lock here in the UK.

It is undeniable though that Coachella is one hell of a festival. The lineup for the arts meets music event was pretty massive… I mean Drake and Madonna on the same stage, (that’s a different story). Watching back at the highlights sure did make us wish we weren’t in sometimes-sunny London but instead somewhere near Arizona! We’re not too down about it though! With Wireless, Lovebox, The Great Escape and sooo much more coming up, we’ve got masses to look forward to. Maybe next year.