Charlotte OC Performance-Review

Last night one of our favourites, “Club O’Meara” hosted the sold out “Charlotte OC” show.

Her supporting act “Pelicandy” created a great vibe playing seamlessly throughout their set – a real quality of a band who know what they’re doing put the audience at ease and ready for the main event.




Charlotte OC entered the stage to a rapturous applause looking like Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. Her voice matched her outfit, distinctive and memorable.

Charlotte took a moment between tracks to thank fans for their support & express her surprise at the show being a “sell out”, her northern accent catching me off guard & seemed like sudden personality shift from confident performer to playful nervousness. She continued her set with songs from her latest release ‘In Paris’, which seemed her most personal moment on stage, but she lifted the audience with crowd pleaser ‘Running Back To You.’ Which had her fans singing along.

She ended her performance all too soon, not forgetting to thank her fans for having fun alongside her.