Calvin and Makeda’s workshop

I went to one of my first workshops yesterday for Calvin and Makeda’s National Poetry Day event ‘Neon’.

We had people from the likes of Paigey Cakey, Rodney P as well as the  SGS team and some young performers that will be performing at Neon on Thursday!
Paigey Cakey and Rodney gave us a little sneak peek of some of the work they have done and Paigey Cakey also told us about how she got in the industry and what keeps her motivated and pushing on.

Although it was a very friendly, chilled environment, some of our performers were still letting the nerves get the better of them. Just goes to show how scary performing can actually be and how impressive it is that performers shake it off and get out there and do what they got to do (Thursday is going to be even more frightening, but I know they’re ready)

Overall, the workshop is interesting and showed how important it is for someone in the industry to attend and experience for themselves.
Here are some pictures of the workshop hour: unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed