Blog of 2017

To celebrate the end of this year we asked everyone at the Small Green Shoots office about their favourite album/single of the year & who’s music they were looking forward to in the new year!

Niki –

Two albums have undoubtedly made this year for me: ‘About Time’ by Sabrina Claudio and ‘Wamp 2 Dem’ by Giggs. They each represent two completely different vibes but I can’t get enough of either of them. 

Two people that I’m looking forward to hearing more from in the New Year are Daniel Caesar and Dave. Daniel Caesar for his unique productions and sound and Dave for his thought-provoking and politically-current lyrics and ideas. I find myself learning from him whenever I listen to his music. 


Renee –

My album of the year is Krept and Konan’s 7 Days and & Nights. With collaborations from Hudson East, Jhene Aiko, J Hus and More 7 Nights is distinctly for those late-night drives and chill sessions with the girls whilst 7 Days can get you amped for the day.

My single of the year would be ‘Bodak Yellow’ from Cardi B. It literally can never get old, every time it plays regardless of the setting it always brings out the inner ‘gangster’ in everyone. #LoveIt


Savanna –

My favourite song was “Pink and White” by Frank Ocean because it reminds me of Lovebox this year when I saw him live and it was the best time of my life lol.

The person I’m looking forward to hear from next year is Cardi B, I’m excited to hear her collaborations.


Natalie –

My album of the year is Jessie Wares’s Glasshouse. Well it has Midnight on it, which is genius, especially the Goldie remix and songs it seems for every mood.

My single is Real Life by Duke Dumont and Gorgon City.  It reminds me of the festivals we visited and fist pumping with a thousand other fans in the sunshine. There is no place like London when the sun is out.


Leah –

My album of the year would have to Gorillaz – Humanz as they released an amazing comeback with collaborations from a range of different artists I’ve never listened to before, and being able to see them live at their concert this year only made that experience better.

I’m looking forward to group Jungle Brown next year, they have that old-school soul vibe whist retaining their own unique style, I find the highly underrated & hope they get big things in the coming year


Makeda –

My single of the year has got to be “Bodak Yellow” Cardi b, i have literally heard it everywhere i go and it has blown up in such a short amount of time, it is a banger. The album i would say i am most looking forward to in the new year would be hers as it will be interesting to see if she is just a one hit wonder and if i can actually listen to more than just a few of her tracks


We hope you enjoyed & you keep up to date with all our developments in the new year.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Small Green Shoots’