Blak Whyte Gray Review


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Feeling inspired and empowered after watching Boy Blue Entertainment’s #BlakWhyteGray hip-hop theatre production @TheBarbican! The show was honestly so breathtaking, leaving me SPEECHLESS! It definitely reminded me why I fell in love with dance.

Hip-hop theatre has reached new levels!


Contrary to it’s title, there was never a dull moment throughout the whole performance!

The hip-hop theatre production featured 8 cast members, 3 scenes, and 1 underlying premise – ‘without rules, we lack purpose’

This was displayed using a combination of savvy lighting by Lee Curran, creative wardrobe by Ryan Dawson and genius choreography by Kendrick O’Sandy and Mikey Asante.



Trio Gemma Kay Hoddy, Dickson Mbi and Ricardo Da Silva kicked off the performance with strength, power and control.

This section represented the restraint and restriction – when you have too many rules you feel trapped. This was displayed through straight-jacket-type costumes, robotics, poppin’ and trapped in a square of magnificent white light.

While their silent screams gave the illusion of an internal conflict – being trapped inside themselves.



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The lighting in this section opened up into a grid, almost matrix as if it were opening the environment for the 8 dancers in this section to own the floor and explore the space.

This section largely focused on the style of krump, which involves a lot of hard-hitting, less contained, wild, unruly and free movement. The ever-changing formations maintained a hip-hop grounding whilst also displaying a military-like essence to it, as they demonstrated through movement the effects of having no rules.



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Sweaty yet still bursting with energy, the full cast (Dickson Mbi, Idney De’Almeida, Natasha Gooden, Theo “Godson” Oloyade, Dan-I Harris-Walker, Nicole McDowall, Ricardo Da Silva, and Gemma Kay Hoddy) showcased the outcome of finding that delicate balance between rules, freedom and purpose.

The lighting changed to a warm red creating a tribe/family unit vibe while the cast helped Dickson find his feet and find his flow.


Through purpose brings unity.

10 shows, 10 standing ovations.


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(I think they should’ve gone to specsavers) … sips tea …

Catch the show in Manchester