Last night I made my way to the small quirky venue nestled off Great Portland Street to attend a gig put on by our close friends; Blackjack London.

I was already made up by the décor of red balloons and white tinsel hung all around the room, who I later found out was none other than the first band of the night; Glass’ idea. They took to the stage and kicked off the evening I was quite taken by the singer, she was sombre and captivating. Electronic mellow tones layered over a hidden indie funk feel. Their first London show and definitely not their last, I would love to hear more but they don’t have anything online.

Next up and exactly to my taste blues rock outfit Cry Baby Cry.
A three piece from Leeds, great energy and a lot of potential but being such a fan of that genre I could not help hearing another band I am a huge fan of in their music, a few times I thought they were doing a cover….. they weren’t.
I was kind of disappointed it is important to stand out be your own and have your own sound or at least elements of your own sound and they didn’t cut it for me.

Overall another great night of new music and good vibes!

When’s the next one Blackjack?