Benny Mails COLORS Stream

Benny Mails is premiering a new song ‘Mileage today on COLORS live stream. We have supported Benny Mails with ACE Funding for development and look forward to seeing his forthcoming releases as well as this one today on COLORS

The stream starts at 6 pm and you can watch here:

If you haven’t been acquainted with the COLORS YouTube channel it is a unique music platform that showcases a range of exceptional talent from all around the world.

Due to the current circumstances, they are lending their space to all the artists trapped at home unable to perform with the launch of their new series HOME/BRED. Every Tuesday 7pm CET on A COLORS STREAM. Stay home, Tune in

A COLORS STREAM | @Jelani Blackman, Berwyn, @JGrrey, Devin Tracy, @Santino Le Saint, @Benny Mails, @Joy Crookes, & @Oscar Jerome