Belly Squad – SGS August BEST!

Belly Squad is a trio made up of East Londoners Yung Max and Ty Jombla both 18-year -olds and 20-year old Ross Jombla from South. Belly squad has been one of the most exciting acts to watch this year. They’ve been very consistent with their soundtracks from 2016 till now.

From an early stage, they racked up impressive online stats with some tracks receiving more over a million streams. They are well known for their remixes of Young Thug and Travis Scott’s Pick Up the Phone and Stormzy’s Not that deep. Vines became their main source of streaming tracks and contributed largely to creating a social media presence for this Trio. Before the song Banana was released, a six-second clip of Ty singing the hook (‘Baby girl quit all the banter/ Come round and come take this banana’) went viral creating a huge buzz and anticipation for their official single.

Belly Squad are constantly releasing new and catchy soundtracks. They have been played in the best London clubs and University raves hosted by the ACS communities such as Barfest.

Belly Squad is definitely creating their sound which incorporates Afrobeat and Reggae.

It is safe to say when you hear ‘baby girl quit all the banter’ you instantly know it’s them and keep that track on replay!

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