Last week highly acclaimed UK artists Krept and Konan linked up with the creative genius that is Rapman to release a Music Video/Short Film entitled ‘Ban Drill’. The video is based on a young man whose struggles, in life, see him turn to sell drugs and getting involved in gang violence. On his release from jail, he began making drill music and was beginning to gain success in the industry. There is a huge turning point in the video which leads the young man on one of two paths: The path to success or the path to death. Watch the complete video here:
The current outbreak of violent crime in the UK has led to many people exploring the possibility of drill music being the fuel to the fire. The video gives an insight into a world without drill music and where it could possibly lead hundreds of young boys. This is a real eye-opener for those who believed that banning the genre of music would be an easy way to fix a complicated problem.
It was an entertaining watch and I’m excited to see similar projects like this and where they could take the culture. In the space of 5 days, Krept and Konan and Rapman have been invited to the houses of parliament to discuss the issue. What a move this is for culture.
Congratulations Krept, Konan and Rapman on a million views, you deserve all the possible success and accolades that will follow this project.