BAM Festival


BAM! Be a man festival (26 Nov) presented at SouthBank Centre¬†brought people from all genders and sex’s together to discuss what it was like to be a man in this modern age and boy was it good to hear the opinions of celebrities such as Ashley Walters poor his heart out, talking about his dad being an alcoholic. There were a few speakers however Ashley Walters speech is the one that stood out the most. He was the star of the show and really moved the audience.

Another person that stood out was Kele Okereke. He spoke about manliness in a more creative way and suggested that the media helps to poison our minds and destroy the ideology of what a man should be like.

It was a very productive night however, it did drag on for a most of it. At times I felt as though I was zoning out.

I’ll give this event a 5/10.