The Receivers – Only Humans Review

The Receivers are an indie band from York they have released songs like Crescent Moon Heart, Leave the right marks, Saturday and much more. With support from Radio X and BBC 6Music (Steve Lamacq) under their belts, The Receivers are quickly establishing themselves as one of the UK’s most exciting indie-rock outfits. Their live show… Read More »

University Struggles

University Struggles – Adaora   Early this year, COVID 19 was announced a series epidemic and schools across the United Kingdom and Ireland were closed, and classes were moved to a digital format with all tests cancelled. The government announced the criteria for a modelling system using previous exam results and ranking order to mark… Read More »

Young People & Creativity

Young People & Creativity – Lauryn I define creativity as the belief in something which does not yet exist. An old friend of mine studying Biomedical Sciences took up painting while at university. She said it was the outlet she felt she needed but other commitments (namely, her degree) saw her unable to attend more… Read More »


Secondary School Experience   These 4 walls will bring you the best and worst memories. Tears & Laughter. There would be days where I believed some teachers woke up with an agenda of ‘who shall I pick on today?’ and it definitely showed in the way they would chuck around behaviour points and detentions like… Read More »

Social Trends

SOCIAL TRENDS – Isaiah It seems like every month this year there has been something new going on in the world. We went from World War III to Covid-19 to Black Lives Matter, but how much have we actually learnt from everything that has happened? This blog will explore the role that ‘trends’ are playing… Read More »

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse during the quarantine – Lorita   By now, you’ve probably heard countless amounts of people moaning and complaining tirelessly about lockdown and how trapped they feel in their homes. But, what about those who live in unsafe, violent and abusive environments? What about those who wake up awaiting the worst? According to statistics,… Read More »

Race and Inequality

Race & Inequality – Jonathan In my experience, more than ever, I have heard, read or been a part of conversations on the topic of race and equality. Movements like Black Lives Matter and those similar have brought issues that were often left unspoken to the forefront and awareness has been raised. Growing up in… Read More »

The Music Industry; Breaking the Mold

Once you develop a fan base around a certain profession or genre it is exceptionally hard to break that mold however it can be done especially when we look at internet stars like KSI who is a great example of not being tied down to one label. KSI has bounced between various professions regardless of… Read More »