ASTROWORLD – Album Review

On Travis Scott’s highly anticipated third album, the Houston rapper is at his most effective, giving room to his talented features and picking his spots more carefully than ever.


One of my favourite songs from the album is “No Bystanders” it starts with the harmony of Rae Sremmurd’s voices then smoothly transitions into the chorus whilst maintaining the tempo of the whole song.

“Sicko Mode” has an EDM, techno instrumental being the core of this song. A surprise feature of Drake to introduce the song then he appears again for the second verse whilst rapping to the heavy bass, grungy melody.

“Astroworld” defines the true meaning production. Overseen by Scott and Mike Dean, the album is a kaleidoscope of textures and techniques, making room for psychedelic guitars, drums, futuristic notes whilst maintaining the balance and not going over the top throughout the album.


Keeping the names of the artists that were features off of the album worked in his favour, rather than having a presumption of the songs or the album as a whole, Travis Scott allowed us to simply enjoy the album for what it was. The album’s list of featured artists reads like a Met Gala guest list: Frank Ocean, Drake, the Weeknd, Pharrell, John Mayer, James Blake, Kid Cudi, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, and even Stevie Wonder.


Listening to Astroworld from start to finish really helped us to her the artistic process behind the album and how each song transitions into the next and we love it!