Artist Network!


The Artist Network (1 Dec 2016). The PRS HQ was flooded with emerging artists coming in from all over London. The keynote speaker Claire McAuley led proceedings and our Natsx moderated the panel including Dani Sawyer (A&R Manager, Universal Publishing), Bhavesh Patel (Performing Rights Society for Music Foundation), Rasi Wellington (Heavytrackerz), Etta Bond (Rising Soulstress and songwriter)

At first, only a few artists showed up but as the night progressed, the space was filled up with creatives that all seemed to be enjoying their alcoholic beverages -networking with each other. The DJ, to my delight, actually had a good music taste as he played songs from 2pac to the Black Beetles.

karl2The first part and near ending of the night had the guest panelists giving advice and speaking about the music industry, what labels look for, and how to progress themselves as unique individuals. The other part of night had Etta Bond performing on stage, and boy do I say, she took us away with her breathtaking voice. It was a really good performance.

The end of the night had us all (yes you guessed it) do a mannequin challenge. It seems like everyone is doing this challenge so it was only fitting that we attempted one ourselves. It did flop though but lets save that for a different review.

img_4379As a whole, the event was a very productive one. I feel that the creatives got a good amount out of the information they were given and everyone returned home happy…well, you would think that they were happy, after all, it did take them almost an hour to leave the premises even with security telling everyone to go home!