Artist Network 2019 Highlights

Another successful artist network event! 

The night consisted of two workshops, production content and channel development hosted by YouTube who were more than happy to give advice and helpful tips. The audience feedback was positive, and they said it was very insightful, the advice given they will be able to put into practice straight away. 

The panellists; Novelist, Shauna Shadae, Andre Carroll and Janet Devlin had the crowd engaged with their words of wisdom. Host Rio Attoh-Wood made the crowd laugh with his wit and charm; he was the perfect host to ask the right questions. Many of the audience members were creatives themselves who found the panel informative and they were able to apply the panellists input to their own creative ideas. Youtube has played a big role in gaining exposure for the panellists and with creating and sharing your career online, people left feeling knowledgeable on the topic of the online world. 

We were also treated to a live performance from Novelist, he got the crowd on their feet with his fresh Grime sound. 

It is amazing to see young people both on the panel and in the audience, drawing inspiration from one another.