Apple Music is Successful


Apple Music was announced on June 8th 2015 and was launched on June 13 2015 in over 100 countries worldwide. In just 18 months it has over 20 million subscribers. They have attracted a lot of their customers by offering new customers the first 3 months of their subscription for free. Their main rivals ”Spotify” have always argued that their free service is a great way to persuade customers to upgrade to the £9.99 a month fee, but apple have found a way to get customers paying from the get-go. In the first year of Apple’s release, they bagged an astonishing 15 million subscribers. Comparing that to Spotify’s overall 30 million subscribers, it is evident that the Apple brand itself has the ability to draw in customers and they have used this to their advantage.

The competition between Apple Music and Spotify put both brands at an advantage. This is shown in the dramatic increase in both subscriptions, as between June 2015 and June 2016, both Apple and Spotify added 25 million paying customers. Now that’s what you call healthy competition!