Alyss on the Path to Creativity, Experimenting & Why She Doesn’t Have a Favourite Track from the Album.

Small Green Shoots recently supported Brighton-based, self-producing singer/songwriter, Alyss in gaining development funding from the Arts Council England.   She’s since collaborated with the likes of Chloe Martini, Snakehips, SG Lewis & Two Inch. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Alyss & get find more about the person behind her 2018 project 3EARTH


  1. How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn’t heard of you before. 

Multidimensional…sometimes it’s chilled and stripped back, sometimes it’s loud and synth-y. Overall I guess it could be described as earthy, electronic soul music. 


  1. Why did you start singing professionally? 

I’ve always been super sensitive and making art, whether it was drawing pictures or playing music was the only time I felt truly content within myself. I don’t know if it was me creating it, or if it was an already-fated path, but life directed me down the creative route and I just followed it. It’s been a really natural progression to where I am now. Luckily, I had a really supportive family who just let me do me. 


  1. How has you style changed over the years since you started singing? 

My voice and tone have definitely improved massively from performing long cover sets at weddings & hotels for a few years. I never had official vocal training, but having to perform for hours each night helped me strengthen and experiment with my voice to where it is now. My style also changed when I started producing too, as the more experimental I am with sounds, the more experimental I am with my voice. It’s only really been the last few months that I really feel like I’ve found my sound. It will probably change though…there’s still so much to try out. 


  1. How is your latest EP 3EARTH different from previous recordings? How was the writing/recording process? 

Creating this EP was a more explorative and uncensored process than other releases. I think mostly because I’d built a more technical knowledge to experiment with. I have been in weird psychologically dark and introspective times over the last couple of years, with life circumstances forcing me to question everything I once knew…music is always the first place this stuff gets documented and this EP was no exception to that.
My creative process is mostly very solitary. I wrote and produced 90% of the EP myself with only 1 day away from my home studio spent with the co-producer of 5D. 


  1. Is there a favourite track on the EP that you were excited/anxious for fans to listen to? 

I wouldn’t necessarily say there is a favourite, as it would be like having to choose between children haha…but I was a bit anxious for people to hear 5D. Mainly because I hadn’t released anything that lyrically raw before and I wasn’t sure how it would be received. But people seemed to like it! We had so much fun making the track that it just had to go out. 


  1. Who are/were you influenced by musically? 

Mono/Poly, ANOHNI, Clap! Clap! …They resonate a truth that is always new and inspiring to me, no matter how much I listen to them. 


  1. What would you say is the best part of travelling to places & performing live for your fans? 

The best part is getting to share the excitement live with other people. Especially as someone making music alone, unlike a band or just having multiple people around in the writing process, you don’t get to feel that true feedback until its played live. 


  1. What does the next six months look like for you? 

For the next six months I’ll working on new music, collaborating with others and performing around Europe. I also create art under the name India Moon ( which I’ll be promoting and incorporating more with my music.