Our journey through Alice’s Wonderland…



Ever wondered what it’s like to be in a fairy-tale or to experience an imaginary land that you always wished you were a part of when you were younger?

Immersive theatre might be just what you’re looking for. Last night, we head to Waterloo’s Vaults Theatre where we met Alice herself, a talking Rabbit, evil Red Queen and a Snake smoking shisha. It sounds bizarre because it really was! After some research on immersive theatre, we were eager to experience it and our senses were overwhelmed the second we stepped into Alice’s adventures underground. The whole thing had a strong element of storytelling to begin with, and it soon turned into an interactive tour around wonderland. We were taken through dark forests, gloomy rivers and doors that got smaller on a quest to find out who painted the Queens rose red. With so much to take in, an hour and a half sped by and we fast ended up in the Queens courtroom where all of our efforts paid off and Alice herself was released from behind the mirror. The whole experience was like no other and definitely something we would recommend 100 times over.