Alfa Mist announces his upcoming studio album ‘Bring Backs’, signed to ANTI- Records with the last tune ‘Run Outs’. The hazy melodies and hint of electronics are enriched with a dynamic hip-hop beat that brings a nostalgia that perfectly suits the looping lo-fi visuals of the audios MV of a train pulling up at East Ham station, located in the London Borough of Newham where Alfa grew up.

Alfa has steadily established himself as an exciting force of talent emerging in the London Contemporary Jazz scene, forming his own lane as a Producer, Pianist, Bandleader, and MC melding intricate jazz instrumentals with his own experimentalism. “Run Outs is a street game I remember playing when I was younger,” Alfa shared in a statement. “I used to think of making beats and playing with a band as separate worlds until I realized, I was always trying to achieve the same thing. Making the music I want to make. With the song ‘Run Outs’ I’m bringing together the vibe of my earliest beats with where I’m at today.” – lab.FM

The London based artist manages to effortlessly share soul and a vulnerability to this composition. It is easy to listen to, even for someone who is not a huge jazz connoisseur and makes me interested in the rest of his previous works and future album, which will drop on April 23, 2021, can be preordered now.

Entirely written and produced by Alfa, the album was recorded in London with a core band of long-time collaborators.

Written & Produced by
Alfa Mist
Recorded by
Ed Deegan
Mixed by
Will Holland
Mastered by
Guy Davie
Jamie Leeming
– Guitar
Kaya Thomas-Dyke
– Bass
Junior Alli Balogun
– Percussion
Jamie Houghton
– Drums
Johnny Woodham
– Trumpet
Sam Rapley
– Tenor Saxophone
Alfa Sekitoleko
– Electric Piano / Synth
Alfa Mists’ single ‘Run Outs’ can be streamed on all music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, BandCamp, Youtube, TIDAL, and Deezer. You can also Pre-Order the album ‘Bring Backs’ on his official website and at Vinyl Variants.