Aladdin Review

So I’ve watched the new live action Aladdin and let the truth be told, I was blown away. As a huge Disney fanboy, it was a pleasant watch. The casting was done very well with each actor embodying their characters perfectly. It followed the original narrative and had a beautiful twist to it. Guy Ritchie and the cast did a great job with bringing the animation to life. The singing was amazing and the dancing was just as good. Naomi Scott(Princess Jasmine) was beautiful and fierce, Mena Massoud(Aladdin) couldn’t have done a better job at being the iconic protagonist that is Aladdin and Will Smith filled the lamp of the genie flawlessly. After the death of film legend Robin Williams (who played the Genie in the original Aladdin), Will Smith stepped into the role without stepping on the late Robin Williams’ toes, bringing his own flair to the role and doing it well.
I would recommend that everyone visits cinemas and watches this film!
Film rating 9/10
An Opinion Piece by Babs Isaiah Shittu