Africa On the Square


I attended “Africa on the square” (15 October) in Trafalgar Square. It was an extremely entertaining and educational experience. I learnt a lot more about Black History and about Black inventors. There were entertainers all over the square performing but also educating us, making us realise how beautiful the African culture really is. One of the performances I liked was the “Steal pan performance” where an individual would balance steal pans on his hands, spinning/throwing them up, whilst playing music. A lot of famous people attended also, one of them being Sadiq Khan, to embrace the African spirit. I was shocked to see how many different ethnicities joined in to celebrate the event as at first, I presumed the event would be Black dominant.

All-in-all the experience was a good one and I recommend anyone who has not been to Africa On the Square to quickly consider attending, besides…you’ll now have a good year to think about it.