TESTING. A$AP Rocky’s highly anticipated album that we’ve all been waiting for. It’s been 3 years since  At.Long.Last.A$AP was released and his Instagram album teaser drop this year January has had us all waiting on the edge of our seats.

Rocky says it is “An amazing fucking album.”

 In an interview with Peter Rosenberg’s Complex Open Late interview, A$AP explains the album in a bit more depth.

“I’m still trying to give you a beautiful canvas, but something different. I want to take a different approach, and I want to challenge the viewer who is tired of hearing the same old shit. You know, this shit is a cliché at this point.”

Staying relevant is hard as it is, but especially in today’s generation with all different types of artists releasing new music every day. Luckily, A$AP Rocky and his MOB have set the tone from early that they are creative, wild artists. A$AP has collaborated with a wide range of artists from Skepta, TI, Kid Cudi and Puff Daddy to Dev Hynes, BlocBoy JB, Nez and Rio.

This album is a testament to Rocky’s creative flair, and bravery to explore a different and unique road of mixing alternative hip-hop with his lifestyle. Throughout his career, he’s been known as one of those few rappers that can paint a story with his lyrics. This album in particular like he said is different, it covers a full range of emotions. One second your wilding out mosh-pitting, the next your chilled out, vibing and feel like you’re laying in a field of sunflowers (‘Purity’ is best for that feeling). ‘Tony Tone’ in particular, throws us all back to the late 90s, early 00s with the slowed down saxophone from “Man Inside”, the 1971 song by British Jazz musician Roger Webb. The creative process that went behind this album shows how he has expanded his hip-hop palette with elements of electronic music and psychedelic indie rock as an artist.

Whatever he’s doing right now, we’re loving it.