It isn’t everyday you get to meet your idols and Wednesday was definitely not like every other day. It was like a fairy-tale, there were stars in the sky (roof) and stars in the seats. Its safe to say I was star struck for most of the night. When we arrived we went on a tour of the venue and let it all sink in before the place got busy, taking pictures and boomerangs for our socials and sporting the green small green shoots tops. 200 pictures and boomerangs later, we got to work and the tasks came thick and fast but it never got boring. Some of the team were put on the guestlist team whilst others were filming behind the scenes footage and Makeda and Constance supervised. Fast forward to dinner and we were treated to pizzas and salad. After dinner it was awards time and it was hosted by Gemma Cairney. We came just expecting to help out and network, we had no clue one of us would be going home with a shiny award… Nats picked up the ‘Unsung Hero’ award for this years awards and we couldn’t have been more surprised but even more proud! Trying to keep all composure and trying not to run onto the stage to celebrate we got to watch our Nats from SMALL green shoots on the BIG Artists and Manager award stage. Awards that followed were handed out to Mabel(Breakthrough Artist of the year), Kano (Pioneer Award) and Modest! Management (Peter Grant Award). The night soon drew to a close and even though I didn’t attend the after party, our shoot Edgard turned up with a clean strike at the bowling after party. If the after party was anything like the awards itself it would’ve been awesome. A special thanks to Fiona McGugan (MMF), Annabella Coldrick (MMF) Lucie Caswell (FAC) Paul Bonham (ACE) Adam Webb, Nick Keynes (Tileyard) and Remi Harris. (YGN/SGS) and everyone who was at the awards. Thanks for making it a night we will never forget!