A Ravyn Lenae performance in Paris

Paris. The global centre for Art, Fashion, Culture, and for one night, a Ravyn Lenae performance at the Parisian venue La Maroquinerie.

After the performance, I was surprised to find out how young she is, at only 19 she has such a genuine energy on stage and the confidence of a natural and experienced performer.

She highlighted the world-renowned Outkast as her inspiration, particularly their single Prototype which inspired her track ‘Computer Love’, a song about falling in love over the internet which was recorded with immaculate studio sound quality.

The show was beautiful, and it was amazing to watch the level of showmanship amongst Ravyn and her band on stage. You could see and feel the passion they had for the music they were playing as they genuinely enjoyed performing with each other, which was evident every time I caught the smiles thrown at one other during the jam. Ravyn also verbalised the importance of loving the music she plays and being able to ‘empower the lady audience through music’.

Ravyn stated earlier in the performance how she was classically trained in school, & it was apparent in her performance of a French song (a nice touch) for the encore which took place as she envisioned herself ‘sitting by water with the moon reflecting’. It was a nice touch to add a song with the spoken language of the city and it displayed the amazing level of range she has at hand which was different from the other songs she performed.

It was great being able to witness her first European performance as I travelled for my first overseas gig. It was a great experience and I would love to be able to see her develop further as an artist and witness her perform more as she grows.