7 Days 7 Nights with Krept x Konan

Following the release of their impressive 2-part album, Krept and Konan hosted a pop-up show in their hometown London on Saturday night and we had the pleasure of being there. 

The show was part of a short 7-day tour which saw the duo perform in Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham amongst other cities. Going to see them on the weekend, we got nothing less than we expected; a wave of contagious energy and undeniable talent from two of Britain’s most notable British Hip Hop and Grime artists.

Having their show at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen meant that we were able to really enjoy the performance in a small, intimate space. We think it made for a better experience, compared to being part of a crowd in a massive venue that could have you sitting almost a mile away from the stage. What stuck out to us was also the coming together of people from different ages and backgrounds. Being able to appeal to such a broad, diverse audience is an achievement in itself for these young stars. Let’s not forget that they brought out some very special guests too who have features on their albums, including the incredible BET award-winning Stormzy hailing from Croydon and MOBO award-winning Abra Cadabra from North London.

The show celebrated the incredible work that is ‘7 Days’ and ‘7 Nights’ which is now available on all platforms.
Be sure to keep an eye out for their official headline tour coming soon!