The 23-year-old Irish Singer and Rapper Biig Piig has emerged on to the scene with her first single of the year ‘Cuenta Lo’. Her ambient soothing vocals are prominent in this song as they complement the laid-back beat with a subtle neo–soul and hip-hop-influenced beat in the background. Her impressive blend of English and Spanish pays homage to her roots.

Her intriguing technique of vocal layering and reverb creates a melancholic/ sombre tone, however, the repetition used in her lyrics and melody stays with the listener.

The visuals for this song are described “as an alter-ego-driven song about money, sex, and power”. – THE LINE OF BEST FIT.

The concept of the video is one that takes the audience on a journey through the story being told in the song, unveiling the true and raw emotion of the lyrics that explore money, power, and sex.

Through different close-up shots and dark sinister colours Biig Piig is able to convey the message of money, power, and sex in such a rare artistic way. With such a unique visual and audio concept Biig Piig has heightened our anticipation for her next release in the year 2021, as there are hopes to see what she come to us with next.

The song ‘Cuenta Lo’ was released on Biig Piig’s YouTube Channel on the 12th of February 2021 and can also be found on Spotify and iTunes.