What We Do

A little about us and what we do


Nurturing arts and music ideas into vibrant, growing projects.

Small Green Shoots is an innovative music based consultancy that develop and deliver high profile music projects for creative’s, corporate’s and community.

An original and recognised resource for music organisations and artists alike, we provide facilitation and project management services with a real passion for the people we work with.

Led by well regarded project manager, Natalie Wade, and with over a decade of experience in the music business and consultancy from various areas of the arts world, Small Green Shoots invests its expertise in high quality UK based artists and organisations.

"We pride ourselves on developing innovative and credible projects which not only offer great value for money, but embed positive community aims. Drawing on our unparalleled relationships in the creative industries, we are continually enhancing our users' networks and providing tangible legacy for suppliers, audiences and clients"

Natalie Wade, Director, Small Green Shoots






  • Natalie Wade

    "I’ve worked in the music industry for a decade, in event management, product and project management. I’ve always been passionate about unsigned music and youthful, creative people.  After graduating I interned at a music production company, working my way up, earning a pittance, took additional exams in teaching and gained a CIPD. My real education has been with working with scores of different industry professionals that have become an amazing network who inform my work and keep me on my toes."

  • Holly McDonogh
    Online Assistant

    Holly is our online creative assistant, currently developing her skills and experience, studying ‘Live Events and Promotions’ at DV8 training she is taking her first steps in paving her career within the Creative Industry.

  • Tasmyn Wint
    Online Assistant

    Taysmn is another one of our new shoots, joined recently and growing day by day she has currently been given the task of developing our project Re:Market but also to assist with all social networking duties and project assistants. Studying ‘Live Events and Promotions’ at DV8 Tasmyn is gaining integral on the job training while studying her craft.